CPS Technical Document Resource Library


COMPLETE PROBE SOLUTIONS maintains a library of technical documents for our customers as a reference for CPS and legacy Electroglas equipment and software. Documents are listed by category below. Instructional videos are available by clicking on the icons and entering your login and password as assigned by CPS. Additionally, instructional videos are available on YouTube.

2001 3001 4080 4085 4090 6000 Pathfinder Software
EG 2001

2001 Executive Subsystem
2001 Glossary and Common Errors
2001 Material Handling
2001 PM Procedure
2001 Power and Interconnections
2001 System Overview
2001 Theta Z Subsystem
2001 Vision Subsystem
2001 X-Y Motion System
2001 Operator Setup Guide

EG 3001

3001X Operator's Manual
3001X, XE, CXE Setup Guide

EG 4080

Electroglas Horizon 4080 Wafer Prober Training

EG 4085

Electroglas 4085X: Basic Maintenance Training

EG 4090

4090 and 4090u Install and Prep Guide
4090u Display Control Module
4090u External IO
4090u Interconnect Diagrams
4090u Maintenance Manual
4090u Material Handler Control Module
4090u OWS Setup
4090u PM Cal and Alignment Procedures
4090u Power Distribution and Pneumatics
4090u Prober Control Module
4090u System Overview
4090u Tool Point Setup
4090u Vision Module

EG 6000

6000 Annual PM
6000 Installation Manual
6000 Maintenance Manual
Temptronics User Manual 6000 Chiller


Pathfinder Maintenance Manual


EGCommander 6x Software Manual
EGCommander 8 and 9-1 Software Manual
EGCommander 9-2-1 Software Manual
EGCommander 9-5 Software Manual
EGCommander 4090f Film Frame Software
EGCommander 7x Software Manual
Thermal Agility Setup Guide
External I/O Commands Manual