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We supply first-rate CPS probers of the highest quality

CPS wafer probers are essentially AS NEW and are superior to any used or refurbished Electroglas style prober on the market. Why? Because our industry professionals have over 100 years of Electroglas specific prober experience combined. Customers rely on our quality refurbishing and time to delivery and can count on a reliable supply chain and unmatched industry build experience.

Electroglas Horizon 4090 Micro Plus Prober Refurbished by CPS

Refurbished 4090 Electroglas Wafer Probers

Our customers receive AS NEW machines at a dramatically reduced price

We supply QUALITY REFURBISHED 4090 Electroglas Wafer Probers. EG2001 and EG6000 refurbished probers are available as well. Rather than blowing off the dust and cycling some wafers, we take a comprehensive approach to the refurbishment process. CPS Probers are truly refurbished and are significantly higher quality than pre-owned or used Probers available from the competition. Highlights of the CPS refurbishment process include:

  • Complete functionality check
  • Board replacement where necessary
  • Hand re-lapped platen
  • Re-painted skins
  • Re-painted ring carrier
  • FLR Verification
  • Complete 48-hour burn-in
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ATT Systems Thermal Chucks

Advanced thermal test systems

Att Systems GmbH specializes in cold chuck and hot chuck temperature systems for wafer probers such as CPS/Electroglas, Accretech, and Tokyo Electron. Thermal systems come in a variety of specifications that utilize air or liquid as the cooling medium with the same controller being used for either specification. Utilizing many of the same components when heat dissipation requirements change, Att Systems temperature chucks help to maximize uptime and keeps equipment costs low. »Learn More